Madison Heights High School
1965 Class Reunion

In Memoriam

Deceased Classmates
Gone but not forgotten.
Sadly, there may be more, but these are
the only ones we know about for sure.

Allen, Yvette Marie Allen Addison (Obituary)
Alley, Roger Kent Alley (Obituary)
Amick, Wayne Curtis (Obituary)
Anderson, Rebecca Kay Anderson
Baierschmidt, Bernd Baierschmidt
Ballard, Linda Jean Ballard Gregory (Obituary)
Besett, Ruth Besett
Bevelhimer, Harry Wayne Obituary

Biddle, Nancy Maureen Biddle Norton(Obituary)
Blackburn, John Blackburn
Branch, Glenda Laraine Branch Moore (Obituary)
Branigan, Robert L. (Bob) (Obituary)
Carner, Brad Carner (Obituary)
Case, Nancy Lou Case Swinford (Obituary)
Chapple, Barbara Chapple Haynes
Coats, Robert Coats (Obituary)
Cotton, Cynthia Lou Cotton (Cyndee) (Obituary)
Combes, Terry J. (Obituary)
Crosley, Rickie R. (Rick) Crosley (Obituary)
Dulin, Julia Lynn "Judy" Dulin Andrews(Obituary)
Elsten, Nancy Sue Elsten Von Qualen (Obituary)
Eppards, Charles E (Obituary)
Fisher, Connie Lynn Fisher Plough (Obituary)
Fowler, Keith Lee Fowler
Gimple, Peggy Lee Gimple
Goddard, Michael L. Goddard
Gregg, Barbara Gregg Armstrong (Obituary)
Hendricks, Steven C. Henricks (Spanky) (Obituary)
Hensler, Carol Hensler MacIntyre

Heritage, Richard C. Heritage
Hill, Sandra Sue Hill

Hobson, Steven L. Hobson
Hudson, Daniel Jay Hudson (Obituary)
Hunnicutt, Linda Kay Hunnicutt Walda(Obituary)
Hutchison, Paul Gaylord Hutchison (Obituary)
Imel, James Imel
Jackson, Larry Jackson (Obituary)
Jackson, Norman W. Jackson (Obituary)
Jaquess, Jerry Jaquess
Jones, Sam Jones

Julius, Gary Douglas Julius (Obituary)
Kuch, Rebecca 'Becky' Karol Kuch Helmer (Obituary)
Landes, Carol A. Landes Richardson (Obituary)
Langford, Charles Langford
Largent, Gerald Hubert John Largent
Lawson, Harry L. Lawson
Loser, Kenny Loser
McConathy, Rita A. McConathy Spencer (Obituary)
McElhoe, Chris McElhoe

Miller, Diane Miller Paschal
Morris, David W. Morris (Obituary)
Nowlin, Pamela Nowlin Darling
Plew, Terry L. Plew (Obituary)
Plummer, Glen Jay (Bill) Plummer
Ratliff, Robert E. (Bob) Ratliff (Obituary)
Riggins, Gary Riggins
Rinker, Barbara Ellen Rinker (Obituary)
Rosner, Shirley Lee Rosner Passman (Obituary)
Sawyer, Sandra Sawyer
Schneider, Kenneth D. Schneider
Shelton, Lucille Shelton Blevins
Sloane, Jay Todd Sloane (Obituary)
Smethers, Jack Smethers (Obituary)
Smith, Polly S. Smith (Obituary)
Stinson, Toni Hall Stinson Riffe
Vetor, Kay Ann Vetor Heckaman
Wertz, Richard Lee Wertz (Obituary)
Wright, Charles (Chuck) Wright (Obituary)


"The rumors of my demise have been much exaggerated" Mark Twain

If this is not true, please accept our apologies and contact us ASAP. There is no easy way to check this information.