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The Condensed Version

We made this entire site, including the background & image of Saturn... The only thing we didn't create are the photos of Saturn's moons, but we did modify those. Don't take and use any part or aspect of our site without our permission.

The Longer Version

The SATURNC.COM web site was created by Saturn Computers Inc. You may not borrow or use any logo, graphic, image, or music clip without Saturn's permission. This includes the custom star background and the cool images of Saturn.

All of the moon images have been custom colored and sized by Saturn Computers, however, the original moon images are credited to Calvin J. Hamilton.

Also note that there are a variety of links on our site that will take you outside of We are obviously not responsible for the content on these sites, so don't blame us.

And obviously, blah, blah, blah, we don't accept responsibility for any lost data or productivity from any downloads or use of this site. Also be warned that we will make changes to this site and our policies from time to time without telling you. But you knew that.

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