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Jim DixonSaturn Computers can help you setup & install networks of any size.

We can also help you setup simple peer-to-peer networks or more complex networks.

At your request, Saturn Computers will be happy to provide...

  1. A free consolation at our offices to evaluate your needs & goals. Or we can arrange to come to you.

  2. A written proposal of a complete network plan and costs written just for you.

  3. Competitive, Fair Pricing

  4. References of our many satisfied networking customers.

And when you give Saturn the go ahead, we will...

  1. Install network cabling at the site, or if you chose to have someone else run the cable, we will be happy to provide the correct cable & provide instructions for proper installation.

  2. Prepare the equipment for installation.

  3. Install and setup all software purchased with the systems.

  4. Deliver and setup all new equipment.

  5. Test all the equipment to make sure it is all operating properly & efficiently.

  6. Provide training concerning the proper running & maintenance of the network software.

  7. Provide fast, on-site service for any network problems you may have, so that possible down time is as minimal as possible.

Please contact us to set up an appointment.

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